New Year New What, exactly?

True to my typical nature, I’m waiting until the last minute to get this going. Why have I created this? I’m not sure, other to showcase and catalogue my love of all designs aesthetically pleasing. WordPress is much more organized than tumblr, I must say. It was difficult to make this, mainly because I was freaking out over my username and url, but I like what I have. They connect well (in my opinion), and I have a feeling I won’t regret them or feel embarrassed (hopefully).

But hey, new year, right? It’s only page 1 of 366, and I’ve already encountered some firsts. For the first time, my sister and I are enjoying the same show, without me forcing it upon her, insisting its hilarity (The Inbetweeners) or her insisting I’m much too young to watch a series (Skins). Mr. Robot has become a favourite between my sister and myself, and the love I have for this show is unlike that of any other series I’ve ever had. I’m surprised by how much I like it, especially because it’s not a cop show or comedy. The first few episodes were composed enough that I could watch them without my mom muttering about the violence– she always disapproves of how “morbid” Law&Order: SVU is– which is a welcomed change.

I started the new year right, without any inane resolutions that waste time and money. My goals for this year, all hopefully more attainable than previous years’, are to find any talents that have been hiding from me for the past seventeen years, read more nonfiction, spend less time wasting away on social media (shoutout to tumblr and snapchat!), and become better at graphic design and photography. The last will be the main point of this blog- to showcase my (if any) improvement, and general interest.


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