#1 in my heart and playlists


I loved making this in Illustrator because of how clean it made the repeating figures. It was much easier on the computer than on mobile Photoshop, which I used to mask out Taylor, recolour, and overlay the backgrounds. This is supposed to scream colour, both figuratively and literally (the lyrics are from Taylor’s most recent single, Out of the Woods). I felt so much emotion from this song when I first listened to 1989 right after it came out, and I felt for the failed relationship that could’ve been. The background was made by overlaying several different textures, including photos I took (of paint tarp and blank canvasses) as well as paintings. A trend that I have seen all over the internet is different levels, where some pngs are above the borders or in front of the letters, while the majority are behind. The black&white vs. recoloured contrasts the feelings that Out of the Woods give off.

I’m such a fan of Taylor’s, and I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished these past few years. She’s focusing on personal well-being, and begun prioritizing who she listens to, and her music has flourished. I’m so looking forward to what she has in store for the future!


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