Synergy… and other buzz words to get rid of

the nortwestern chronicle info session

Just two minutes ago, while thinking of what to name this, I wanted to slap myself silly for thinking of the word synergy. To be fair, I just watched Will Stephen’s intentionally-generic, but eye-opening TedxTalk about faking a TedxTalk. Meta, I know. I’m not usually a big fan of those kinds of talks, unless I already know the speaker, or it’s something that is directly related to my interests. but in my quest to improve public speaking, I clicked on “How to sound smart in your Tedx talk”. I’ve always thought the speeches made there are awfully similar, and this one just reaffirmed my belief. The last bit with the stock photos (one of which included synergy) was the real kicker. Like service learning and diversity, synergy is one of those words that people use, with only a vague understanding of what they mean, or even worse, tailoring it to your product or service.

But back to this piece

I made this for my sister. She’s in college, and editor-in-chief (or something) of one of the many newspapers on campus. This looks simple, and it really should have been, but working with others can be tiring. It’s not that I dislike people, or think that my ideas are better. It’s just that I rarely understand instructions the first time around, and I also rarely speak up when I’m confused. I prefer to lurk in the middle of a line for any sort of drill. So I like how this turned out, but it did take hours and several different versions (plus various facetimes) to make. But I also learned how clear I need instructions to be before I start something. A vague lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.


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