The Possibility of Pets


My aunt is on her way back to Canada, and on her way to the airport, she stopped by my house and handed me a mason jar of water. I didn’t think much of it, as my family often drinks from glass bottles to avoid the chemicals in plastic, but then I saw a burst of orange and I screamed. I dislike small animals (excluding baby animals which will grow up to be normal-sized), in fears that I might accidentally kill them. So when I realized she was giving me a goldfish, I panicked a little. It took an hour, some calming music (for both me and the fish), and several google searches, but Richard Nelson (named after Richard Carpenter, but Nelson because my friend suggested it) is in his bowl. I don’t look forward to cleaning his bowl, but maybe I might enjoy him.

These pictures are of a Great Pyrenees, Opal, from a local foundation. The club I’m a part of set up this project to take higher quality pictures of dogs in hopes that they might quicken the adoption process. I’ve always been a fan of larger dogs, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got to pet them. Because they have so much hair, they look heavier than they are, but the majority of the dogs I photographed that day were near 100 pounds. I have very little experience photographing, so I was panicking a little about f-stops and white balance and iso speeds that day, but I think these pictures are ok. I hope they capture how great and gentle this dog was. If I could adopt any dog, it would definitely be a Great Pyrenees (and hopefully, Opal).


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