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Over the years, my enthusiasm for TV has waxed and waned. When I was younger, I probably watched more television than I do now, but I was not as excited about programs as I am now. I’ve had phases of Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and Twin Peaks, and now I’m currently in Skins. I publicize how I love this show with arguments about British dramas, or as seen here with graphic design pieces.

I’m not sure what it is about Skins that makes it so spectacular to me. I’m not particularly a fan of drama, and I’ve always been drawn more towards mysteries and cop shows than anything else. Maybe it’s the authenticity of the teenage mind, or the master storytelling. It’s raw in a way I never thought shows could be- these kids are dealing with death and eating disorders and drugs and depression and love and school (thank god, because some shows just act as if these 16 year olds don’t go to high school at all), and I’m able to see the actual toll or effect all these things have on it. Watching the first episode, you can just hate everyone in the new generation, but slowly they become dynamic and dimensional, until you love them as much as you loved the last cast. Some of the show hits close to home, and other parts are completely foreign, and it’s this great balance of new and recurring characters (after every 2 seasons, or “series”, the cast is switched out for a new generation), of partying and worrying, and topics that I know all too well or haven’t experienced at all.


I’ve finished the show. I watched it out of order, starting with Generations 1 & 2, then skipping to Redux (where we see 2 episodes focused each on 3 characters from Generations 1 and 2), and then finally to Generation 3. And to all the critics, Generation 3 wasn’t that bad. It was perhaps a little less heartfelt, and a little more mindf*cking (Frankie, I love that word), but it was realistic. We can’t pretend that phones haven’t gotten more advanced or teenagers more intense. Skins isn’t all that well-known around me; by no means is it a hidden gem or vintage, but I’ve only found 4 people who have ever watched it. I think that really adds to the likability of the show- I don’t feel like I have to share it with all the people I know, but when I do find people who love it as much as I do, then the kinship I feel makes me warm inside. Now that I’ve finished the series, and that I’ve finished my 3 month membership with Netflix, my disposition towards the show has definitely changed, as have my means and motives of watching it. As much as I’d love to rewatch the show, the feelings I had my first time around might never come back. But I’m okay with that- even with a little less enthusiasm as the first time, I’ll still be way more in love with Skins than I would ever be with any other show.



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