On the need to concentrate

As the school year wraps up, it has become clearer and clearer that I need to work more efficiently. Though many periods are free because APs are over, I still have 5 units to relearn in 2 classes, and projects to turn in for 2 other classes. Graphic design has never been so time-consuming that I’ve had to work so intensely on a deadline, but I felt such an urgent need to fix my concentration that I spent hours on Illustrator rather than learning about sinusoidal functions last night. The knowledge that I was going to get points off (again) for turning in something late had me racing, and I sacrificed a lot of possible studying to produce 3 pieces yesterday.

My concentration is vintage collages/Dada art, focusing on iconic entertainment. That gave me so much leeway to follow my passions, so “research” was finding the highest quality pictures of Cassie Ainsworth and Casey Neistat to edit. As the semester continued, I could see other kids in my class annoyed and frustrated with their topics, but I’m so glad I chose a topic I’m passionate about. I learned a lot while making my pieces, like Audrey Hepburn’s favorite poem or symbolism from Paper Towns. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and got texture help from Deviantart, and I think I mildly pulled everything together. Here’s one of my favorite pieces, with some to follow in the coming days!

three farmers on their way to the dance



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