casey neistat travel in style stripes

By now, you have most likely been acquainted with Casey Neistat, in some form or another. You’ve probably seen one of his viral videos, viewed one of his commercials, or met someone with a Beme. He’s not a hidden gem, the way he was just 2 years ago- in fact, he’s passed 3 million subscribers this year. And yet, no one I know seems to know who he is.

I know this because I have his stickers on my laptop. I sent away for them a few years ago (mail a self-addressed envelope inside the one you’re sending to him) and stuck them on my computer and water bottle. The $2 one always garnered the most attention, because people thought I actually glued a $2 onto my laptop, or worse, didn’t believe it existed in the first place. It became so annoying to explain that I tried to peel it off (which made it worse, believe it or not), until I just stopped using my water bottle altogether.

Though I don’t watch his videos as often, I still admire Casey and his work. He is so certain of every decision he makes, and so steadfast in his beliefs. He doesn’t just spout out inspirational quotes, but rather, he calls people out. Some of his criticism makes me uncomfortable, but most of it just forces me to take a step back and reevaluate what I’m doing. He’s kind of extreme with how much he works, and calls TV and leisure time a waste (I’m kind of a big fan of them), but he’s just what I need to not give up in the middle of a school year or in a run.

So, thanks Casey for motivating me and helping me keep my head up with no BS. You’re the best.


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