a new hope!

Sometimes life is going well for a few days, but then Brexit happens or you remember about this year’s election, and you’re thrown off. Politics has gotten so polarizing that I have fallen behind on news coverage and just read a bunch of young adult novels instead. Or start a new show (True Blood).

And whether you’re a liberal like me or not, you have to give credit to the First Lady for using her platform so effectively. There’s so much to fight for- an end to homelessness, equal pay, veterans’ rights, better treatment of animals- that it can get so overwhelming that you turn into a case of apathy. Even though I feel that way so often, she’s done a lot to instill hope in me again. I admire her compassion and work for female education (and the way she and the White House promote it), and have learned these few years the importance of it. It’s impact stretches beyond girls who cannot go to school- it affects things like the career field, the future of our children, global health, and hunger.

let girls learn text

So here’s to you, Mrs. Obama. Thanks for inspiring me and millions of other girls across the world.


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