claim to fame

I have no idea what Taylor Swift is doing. This is coming from someone who’s been to 2 of her concerts, owns several t-shirts with her face on them, has countless calendars saved in her basement, and knows the words to every single of her songs. It’s kind of disorienting to wake up and see some more commentary on her relationships and not know exactly where she is in her relationship, but I welcome change with open arms. Her breakup with Calvin Harris had me and my friends freaking out, and most of my friends are in another continent traveling, so I have no one to bounce back theories with. I must say, I really didn’t see Tom Hiddleston getting involved at all, but he seems like such a sweetheart. And I’m glad Taylor seems to be letting this take its course, and staying quiet about it all (even though tabloids have been eating this up). I had just gotten used to Harris though, and I feel pretty bad for him, because a breakup always sucks for both parties involved. But, in this very passive way, I’m (like always) #TeamTay.

It’s nice not to give a f. For both me and Taylor. She’ll come out with great music soon enough, and no matter what the papers say, she don’t need no man to do so.

ts quote 1


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