100 Left

the sky's the limit

After watching the RNC, I didn’t think I’d pay so much attention to the Democratic National Convention, but I spent many hours listening to speeches while cooking dinner and eating. My family was glued to the television Tuesday and Wednesday, but missed Hillary’s speech on Thursday. I was surprised that my favorite speeches were by 9/11 survivor Lauren Manning and Anastasia Somoza. Incredibly moving, and really did a great job painting Clinton as more compassionate, which I’ve heard she’s had trouble doing this campaign. I did wonder how accurate it all was, considering I (quite liberal) was almost inspired by what I heard at the RNC, but nonetheless was moved. Hearing Sander’s brother speaking made me tear up, and I’m happy to see how graceful Bernie has been in supporting unity. I’m a bit confused about the Bernie or Bust movement, and whether they’ll abstain from voting, since that is essentially risking a Trump presidency.

My least favorite thing about supporting Clinton is hearing people accuse voters of choosing based on gender. It would be great to have a female president, especially one so experienced and connected, but that could hardly be the defining factor in my support. Hillary may be taking advantage of being the first female nominee, especially with the hashtag #ImWithHer, but it’s no surprise people are choosing her when she’s the only option other than Trump. I’m over his offensive rhetoric, and now I just can’t believe he’s convincing people with his vagueness and lack of experience or knowledge. Obviously, Clinton isn’t perfect, but I won’t be putting the economy in the hands of an orange man with a toupee.

Whoever you’re leaning towards, you’ve got to admit it was a historical moment.


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