the party is over


Every year, right before school starts, my dad looks at me, laughs, and says “The party is over!”. The party, of course, being summer. It’s very expected

I used to not enjoy summer break that much, because it left me overheated, way too tan, and mildly friendless. Even though I’ve spent a majority of mine looking at colleges and studying for the ACT, this is one of the better breaks I’ve had. I didn’t spend as much time with friends as I thought I would have, but I got to go to the Beltline a few times and spent days reading. On the desk in my room, there’s stationary with the name “THINGS I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER:”

  1. learn Arabic
  2. learn sign language
  3. learn coding
  4. finish “Armageddon in Retrospect”

I never fully did any of these things. Instead, I: read over 30 books, took photos on Manual mode (as opposed to AV, like I usually do), ran much further than I thought I would (which, to be fair, was not very far), and started learning personal finance online. Looking back at my lofty goals for the summer, I am not that disappointed. Not when I got around to doing other things!

I used to dislike summer because I felt that mine was always different from other peoples’. We never went to all the beaches everyone kept talking about, or travel to Europe. I now realize that I dislike most beaches, and that I would probably get heatstroke or something in Italy. So, when I made this piece, I based all the icons off of tropes I’ve read in YA novels or seen in movies. Some of them have been part of my summer memories, but others are probably only in movies.



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