life’s better in the front row


Waiting through 2 opening acts, standing in the exact same spot (I didn’t lift my feet so I could make sure I wasn’t pushed back), and abstaining from water for 4 hours to prevent bathroom breaks was well worth the performance Flume put on. I could feel each drop in my heart, and it was the fastest I’ve found my comfort zone in a concert. By the time his opening song, Helix, was over, I was ready to scream out lyrics and sway back and forth like no one was watching. I have no idea what it would be like to perform as often as he does, but I really appreciate how he still sings along to the vocals, and dances to the beat with the enthusiasm of concertgoers. I get nervous at concerts, for fears that I might be disappointed that the image is not what lives up to what I actually see. Totally not the case for him- he suddenly seems so real (being 2, 3 people behind the barricade can do that to a girl), so much that I sometimes refer to him as Harley. I have a long appreciation post about him coming up, but I just wanted to share one of my favorite pieces from the summer when I’m still coming off of the concert-high (I went last night, but still).

Special appreciation shoutout to Jonathan Zawada, who amplified my experience 1000x with those insane graphics. I have never felt so inspired, so in love the merging of photography, graphic design, and video editing as when I saw the spinning foxglove and distorted cacti on the screens. This piece is totally inspired by the colors and ideas of the Skin artwork. Whoever thought of that stage design with the isometric boxes is a genius as well.


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