Graphic design- a passion, or a burden?


Honestly, the title of this post is from that meme, which my friends and I reference from time. I’ve been doing graphic design for over 3 years now, but I still love it. I’ve changed my style-  I began with Illustrator but focus mainly on Photoshop now- but it has stuck with me. I’m mostly appreciative because it is my passion, and I had been all frustrated trying to find one before. It wasn’t sports or science or an instrument or debate, like it had been for many other people. And I know that a lot of people are still trying to find their passion, and that makes me a lucky one. Sometimes it can be a “burden”, not knowing how to draw or paint. Even my 2D Design class can be a hit or miss, depending on if a project is photography or graphic design. But mostly it’s a passion. And what constitutes a passion? For me, it has been consistently wanting to do it. Thinking of ideas in the most random settings. Focusing your Pinterest on design, from posters to infographics to typography. Forgoing free periods and weekends to work on a project, or heading to Open Studio after sports practices. Going to library book sales to buy magazines and catalogues. Hearing harsh critiques on a piece you really really liked (like this). Doing it for free for someone who doesn’t quite know what they want the product to look like (this is mainly my sister). Just a lot of focus on something you love.


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  1. Both, and there lies the beautiful conundrum of art


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