rock the vote


Second Thoughts

So I voted on Friday, racing against the clock to make the 7PM cutoff time, and it’s really just helped me ease my fears. I know my one vote is hardly one to make a difference, but I’ve been slowly learning for years the importance of voting. While I’m an ardent supporter of one, whose donated money to the campaign and will proudly display her magnet on her car tomorrow (just in time, might I add), I know neither candidate is perfect.

What I really love is how complex this election cycle has been. For so many people, it’s not clear who the right option is, so that makes for a lot of debate. Not all educated, not all informative, but still a discussion. Even after I cast my vote, my support for a candidate fluctuated (I’m not quite at second thoughts yet, but just constantly reevaluating so I can be certain in my decision), but I’m proudly donning the newly-received magnet on my car. There are so many emotions in this election, from the normal nervousness of who will win to the anger with the other party.

I know we simplify politics so the average voter will be informed of the basics, but sometimes it gets so frustrating because the nitty-gritty details are the ones that validate a candidate sometimes. But this is the first time I’l be able to vote. I really can’t believe it, because I remember when I first heard that Obama was president. I was in the 4th grade, riding the morning bus, and the air was beautiful and the sun was shining despite the cold. I remember feeling really bad for John McCain, just because he had lost, but so excited for Obama and the change he would bring. I’m just glad that, of all the opportunities I have had, voting is one of them. Just getting my voice out, being part of a statistic and a demographic, because those numbers drive change.

I’m wearing a really patriotic outfit because to me, this is 4 Super Bowls wrapped into one. I know I’m overly excited to be part of the process, to be independent in my vote. I’m trying to take it seriously (I’ve snapped at people from both sides telling me who to vote for).

I really just want to applaud everyone going out to vote. I’m sure the long lines and 2004-like ballots have lost their appeal, and you guys are all busy, but voicing your opinion really shows what this country is. Even if it might be a different candidate that I’m voting for, go out and vote. Also, cheers to the first time voters!


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