sweet, sour and a little salty


I could be describing orange chicken, but I think that’s one of the grossest dishes on the face of the earth. Instead, I’m talking about Taylor Swift. She’s been out of the spotlight for the most part, and I commend her for that. After years of incessant touring (but please come back to Atlanta since I missed the 1989 tour), she deserves a break. In this time, she has seemed to learn a great deal about herself, despite hitting a few bumps. Things have been shady, yes, but they’ve still remained sweet for the most part. I still remember the corkscrew curls and elaborate dress and cowboy boots ensembles, but now she’s become a full-fledged woman wearing crop tops and rompers. She’s an adult now, able to make her own mistakes and fight her own fights. I’m a fan because she deserves to be authentic, and little girls deserve to know that they don’t have to always be unfailingly perfect all the time. It’s almost a coming-of-age experience, considering all the years she’s spent being America’s sweetheart.


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