PLUR makes chaos mello


There’s something so amazing about concerts. Everyone has the enthusiasm of someone at a sporting event (or more), and you’re all there supporting the same person. I went to see marshmello last night, and it was such an energetic show. I spent the past two days making the helmets, and they were a hit. I stopped counting around seven, but a lot of people either took pictures of us, with us, or with the helmets. EDM is crazy energetic, but everything works out because everyone has passion for the same thing- great music. For the first time, I was talking to people around me- mostly about school and college, but it was still amazing. Before the concert started, someone even gave me and my sister a bracelet and did the PLUR secret handshake (?), and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing my bracelet for the coming days. Thanks to marshmello for introducing me to some great music, including one of the best opening acts I’ve heard in a while, Speaker of the House.

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