Enthusiasm… 50 years later


I have a friend who loves history; she’s the kind of person who just knows what’s going on in APUSH and can argue with a teacher, while I feel like I’m floating in and out of consciousness when we’re talking about Alexander Hamilton. I love history, but it just doesn’t come easily to me. Despite this, I was recently reading about the court case Loving v. Virginia, and I kept getting astounded by how much it has influenced the world we live in now. The 50 years that have passed seem so long but also so short of a time. That a couple, whose only agenda was to stay together, could change who we “can” love is amazing. I was really only reading about the Lovings because we were reading Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard in English, and because the movie Loving with Ruth Negga just came out. I usually hate poetry, but Trethewey brought such a humanizing factor to a form of writing I usually find so pretentious (and I know I’m wrong, but I can’t help that I dislike poetry). And I’m just a fan of Ruth Negga, from her days on Misfits to her role in Preacher (which I haven’t really finished, but I intend to). Anyways, this piece is titled 1967, because that’s a year history was made.

Also, can I just say I’m really happy with how this piece turned out. And I don’t know why, but I’m so pleased with how the hand almost seems to be pouring the trail?


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